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Replacement owner needed in a 12tm Devy Superflex PPR league...League running since 2016 -- 50% off this season and next (1 Viewer)


Looking for a replacement owner for an orphaned team. It is a 12 team, Devy Superflex PPR league. League has been running since 2016. Will give 50% off league fees this year and next -- normal buy in is $55 (50+5 for site fees), so you'll pay $30 this season and next. Below are links to the open team as well as the league rules/settings. Let me know if interested!

Open Team roster:

Open team also has the 1.03, 2.03, 3.03, 4.03, and 4.07 (third and fourth round are devy players only, so third round picks are devy 1st round picks and fourth round picks are devy 2nd round picks)

league rules/settings:
I'm interested. What does the draft board look like. What rookie talent is available?
if you want to shoot me an email, it's alightner1029@gmail.com. Just email me and mention that you spoke to me about the league opening so I know who it is... then i can send you a link of all the currently owned devy players to get an idea of who is available devy wise...as far as rookies -- Odunze, JJ McCarthy, Brian Thomas Jr, Jonathan Brooks, Ladd McConkey, Keon Coleman, Ricky Pearsall, Xavier Legette, Roman Wilson, Adonai Mitchel, and then a bunch of other what would be 2nd/3rd round non-superflex rookie values. If you still may be interested, shoot me an email!

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