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Replacement Owners Draft (1 Viewer)

Rob Clark

This league is not for the faint of heart. If you want your fantasy mettle tested, be one of seven (7) new owners vying to make the competition take notice. The first order of business is to participate in a replacement owners draft (ROD). Here are some details related to the ROD as well as some general league details and the list of participating franchises.

Replacement Owners Draft

[*]All league activity (Auctions, trades, etc…) is frozen.

[*]All players on the open teams are released into the pool of free agents.

[*]The ROD is serpentine and will consist of 37 rounds. Each owner will draft 36 players and one rookie draft pick package.

[*]The rookie draft pick packages are created as they currently exist. Each owner can only select one rookie draft pick package.

[*]The FBDs from the open teams are divided equally amongst the new owners.

[*]The commissioner determinew a random draft order for the ROD.

[*]All league activity is permitted to resume at the completion of the ROD.

General League Info

[*]League URL: http://www17.myfantasyleague.com/2012/home/33910#0

[*]Pricing - $2.25 (two dollars and twenty-five cents)

[*]Rosters - 32

[*]Waivers - Blind bidding with Football Dollars

[*]Playoff structure - 12 Teams

Participating Franchises



[*]Colts (taken)





If you think you have what it takes...drop me a line. (rclark_22@hotmail.com)


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