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Returning from Injury/Suspension on Wavers (1 Viewer)


I’ve found in previous years it’s been helpful to keep track of players that are flying under the radar due to injury or suspension. These guys were probably undraftable, and may still be sitting out on Waivers. This strategy has netted a few players for me in the past (Julius Jones’ Rookie year comes to mind). Any thoughts as to who is worth a gamble, and who should stay on Waivers? Who could come back and perform well enough to possibly break into your team’s starting lineup?

Players that come to mind are:

Ryan Torrain – expected back week 7. The rest of the Bronco’s stable can’t get it done, and Shanahan’s comments from earlier in the year suggest he may be their starter when he returns. Is he worth a gamble? I’m looking to grab him around Oct 12.

Kevin Curtis – expected back week 5. With the emergence of DeSean Jackson, Curtis may not be relied upon as heavily as last year. Curtis may still be slow to start as he's coming back from an injury. I'm considering hiim, but will probably target Engram below.

Bobby Engram & Deion Branch – expected back week 5. Both are returning, most likely into their starting roles. Do you think either of these guys will return and play well enough to possibly break into your starting lineup? I’m targeting Engram, probably today.

Chris Henry – expected back week 5. The Bengals are out of Sync, but an 0-4 team with a WR in C.Johnson injured. My question here is whether Johnson would consider the surgery soon, now that the Team is failing. This could push Henry into the #2 role. Henry has been a pretty good 3rd WR for the team anyway. My take is that he’s the #3 on a team that is struggling. I’m avoiding him but keeping an eye on him.

Anyone have any other players that may be hanging out there that we should know?


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