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Rex Grossman a viking? (1 Viewer)




As a Packer fan, I am all for it. He may actually be better than Jackson which is pretty sad to say. I hope the Vikings keep going with bad QB's. Peterson is good enough already, he would be very scary ona team that was a threat to pass effectively.

It is possible, but for a team who flamed out in part because of poor QB play at crucial times it doesn't make sense. This was the major incompetence vs. the Eagles... saying "we can win if we just play our game and don't make mistakes" while putting the ball in the hands of a guy known for gaffes. And Grossman played the same way in the playoffs.

Better thread might be "where will Grossman go" because I really don't know. He'll be cheap after a year mostly spent on the bench.

Fwiw, a buddy of mine saw Grossman playing golf with Gruden & Bruce Allen in spring of 08'. I thought the Bucs could possibly sign him, but they may have been asking him about the TE John Gilmore they signed, or Griese. I still wouldn't put it past Tampa to bring the guy in for a visit.


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