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rice taking a knee on his last run (1 Viewer)

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rice owners were very fortunate to even have that unlikely freebie possibility unfold in the first place. you didn't deserve to - not where you drafted him - get so lucky as to have one of the busts of the year bail you out like that. it was only fitting.

Pretty terrible bad beat story on that play.

Two teams (neither of them mine) playing in a semi-final game. Team A had a 7 point lead with no players left going into MNF. Team B had Suh.

Yadda yadda yadda, Team A was clinging to a 1 point lead by the end of the game, when BAL kicked their go ahead FG. You would figure that that would be their final offensive drive of the game, and thus Suh would not be on the field again. Oops, Stafford throws a pick, Ray Rice gets that hand-off, kneels down, and is touched by...Suh.

That TIES the game, but Team B has the tie-breaker, and will advance to the championship game based on that "tackle" by Suh.

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