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RIP Double 0 Ken Buuough dies at 73. (1 Viewer)


Longtime Houston Oilers wide receiver Ken Burrough, a two-time Pro Bowl selection, has died at age 73 at his home in Jacksonville, Florida, his family said Thursday.

A first-round draft pick by the New Orleans Saints in 1970, Burrough was traded to the Oilers before the 1971 season.

He led the NFL with a career-high 1,063 receiving yards in 1975 and retired after the 1981 season with 421 catches for 7,102 yards and 49 touchdowns in 156 games (124 starts).

Burrough, the last NFL player to wear No. 00 on his jersey, ranks third in Oilers/Tennessee Titans franchise history in receiving yards (6,906) and is tied for second with 47 touchdown catches.



One of my all time favorite players from that era. I wore “00” on a few of the baseball teams I played on over the years if it was at all possible due to league rules…


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