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Robby Anderson or K.J. Osbourn? (1 Viewer)


Anderson is higher on the FBG ranking by...40 spots. But I like the analytics on Osborn better. Opinions?

EDIT - 16 man roster, standard PPR scoring

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Pigskin Fanatic

i own anderson so some personal bias here, he's the safer bet imo and has already shown what he can do with a competent qb. i wasn't sure how reuniting with darnold would change things and so far he's producing at the same levels he did last season, so i'm comfortable with him as my wr3/4.

i will admit Osborn, like any other young bucks coming up, is the unknown factor and a perceived higher ceiling as a result. he is clearly the third option though behind jefferson and thielen, so you have to wonder whether the vikes are a volume team enough to keep the pace up from the first two weeks for him. i guess if cook is down for any length of time, they would have to throw more.



I’d gamble and go Osborn considering PPR. 

I like both offenses but I also believe Terrace Marshall will emerge to eat into Robby’s share and obviously CMC takes a lot of targets. 

Please check my thread. Thanks. 


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