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Roddy White - Well, looks like he has screwed us all (1 Viewer)

in a dynasty league on a team I took over, I traded him in February. Bernard Scott and Roddy White for Donnie Avery and Josh Gordon . Now I'm trying to trade for him with the same owner in another league ( Falcons fan) at a reduced rate ( also a dynasty) .... I guess the lesson here is you can take advantage of homers as they love em more when playing well and hate em more when they don't (than the rest of us) and their favouritism clouds their judgement.

Hmmmm he seems like a buy low to me.
I'm starting to think that ATLs management of this situation will result in a "buy low" all year.

It may cost the Falcons a legitimate shot at the playoffs. They are not the same team without the double WR threat.

need2know said:
Why does he continue to play with this injury? What an idiot
Silly me, i thought for some crazy reason that the coaching staff had final say on who plays/sits.

Khy said:
need2know said:
Why does he continue to play with this injury? What an idiot
Yeah, him and Larry Fitz. I just don't understand the point in doing this... Jene Brammel said this a couple of weeks ago. If he would have just benched himself, he'd have been at 100% by like Week 3. Instead he just keeps putting all this playing time on it and aggravating the injury slightly week to week. He may not be 100% all season because he refused to take a few weeks off and heal. And at this point, they're 1-3 they NEED him out there. So short of him aggravating it badly, he's going to be forced into action.
to win NFL football games?

Hopefully he will make it out f the game tonight without any setbacks....welcome back Roddy to my starting roster in week 7.

Man, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am chris givens and antonio brown lived up to their hype this year, otherwise drafting roddy white would have really hurt.

So is he gonna play on the bad hamstring too? Hopefully the bye week can heal his injuries. What an awful season so far

zandbak said:
Man, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am chris givens and antonio brown lived up to their hype this year, otherwise drafting roddy white would have really hurt.
Isn't Brown a WR1 in both standard and PPR?

Really like this guy, somehow didn't draft him. Dodged a bullet there. Got Julio on a lot of teams though. :)

The bye week couldn't come at a better time for him. Hopefully they rest him up for the stretch run. The first half started with so much promise, but he was non-existent in the 2nd half and then the stupid hamstring. Just hope it isn't serious and he'll be full speed after the bye.

zandbak said:
Man, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am chris givens and antonio brown lived up to their hype this year, otherwise drafting roddy white would have really hurt.
Givens? Dude has had 1 decent game so far.

Interesting game last night because I think we could see definitie improvement with the ankle. Now...if we can only get past this hammy. At least it comes on a bye week and hopefully isn't a serious one (although these things tend to linger).

I'm guessing a lot of people will have to fill in with the Leonard Hankersons and Austin Pettis' of the world for a week or 4. Still, as bad as it has been and as bad as Atlanta's o-line is, if you can hang in there and he can get healthy, he should be a great asset down the stretch because I think Ryan will definitely work him a lot in the short game (he has to..has no time for anything else). Work that wire or get some plug-n-play flexes to tread water. You still have a shot.

traded him before this year's draft, for the 4th pick in a dynasty league.selected Gio Bernard.couldn't be happier.

as the saying in the SP goes, I'd rather get out a year early than a year late.

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I have a feeling Roddy is going to put a lot of points on owners' benches week 7. The new hammy injury is certainly keeping him out of my lineup until I see something, but that something might come after 2 weeks rest.

how bad of hamstring injury was it? Not what I wanted to hear. ugh.
I'm sure we won't find out
If there is one thing we do know, its that Roddy is very egotistical, which plays into fantasy owners hands. He seems to enjoy being useful in fantasy, so I think when he comes out of the bye he will give us an indication of where he is health wise. I think the Hammy is from compensation, and hopefully being off the ankle and the hammy for close to 2 weeks will help. He already said that he will be the training/rehab room the whole time, and the Falcons better get him healthy somehow, because Julio is just not ready to carry that team

Lot of terrible things going on here. The injury, re-injury, things happen but it seems like owners felt they were mislead. I never thought he was gonna do much the first 4 weeks of the season with a high ankle sprain no matter what he or the coaches said. Avoided him in most re-drafts although many owners already had drafted him earlier in July/Aug.

The Falcons are now 1-4, this team is not going to compete for the NFC South, even a wildcard spot is looking bad. Has the window for the Falcons closed? Is the Steven Jackson injury what is holding them back?

Atlanta will get this turned around at some point, but the 2013 season is looking at best maybe 8-8 for them. I wonder at some point if you let guys like Roddy White take it easy and start looking towards 2014.

The flip side is White comes on like gangbusters in weeks 8, 9, 10 somewhere in there as the Falcons bottom out at 2-6, 3-5...then maybe a White spark in the passing game will get them going on a roll.

83-88-85-115-100-92...those are his catch totals over the last 6 seasons. The last 2 years was with Julio Jones on the roster.

My gut says he is a buy low, you might have to hold him another month though. Great pick up for teams trying to make a playoff push or playoff bound and maybe try to increase the pop at your WR3 spot..for example you have WR1-Brandon Marshall, WR2-Jordy Nelson, WR3-Brian Hartline...you might be able to dangle Hartline out here and assuming you had a WR4/5 option you could use for another couple weeks with a pretty strong pop at your WR1/2 already...Roddy White could be that last piece to put you over the top in Week 13, 14, 15...the money weeks @Buf, @GB, WAS...those should be big weeks.

Food for thought either way.

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I think White will playa big role for the Falcons down the stretch. They can get right back into it after the bye and be .500. They play Tampa, Arizona, and Carolina coming out of the bye. 3 winnable games. If they get to 4-4, they'll definitely need White. So I'm not too worried about them playing badly and then just letting him come back slowly. They're far from out of this thing. Remember, only 6 teams in the NFC have winning records, so even though they're 1-4, they're far from out of this thing yet.

I do not think they are out, and I think that White could get back to form sooner than later. It just irks me that he has waited until the bye to rest the ankle. On top of that he now has the hammy, which is likely from the ankle. The guy is one of the most unstoppable WR in football, and I think we can see what he means to the team. Ryan was trying to get him involved, and he was pushing it too hard. If he would have taken 2 weeks off to begin the season, then they would be 3 and 2 or 2-3 at worst. Instead he has stayed out there, and hurt the team in the process. I do not know if 2 weeks is enough to get him healthy like he should be, so I hope he sits after the bye. At least for 1 week. However, I think he has proven already that it will not happen. Which probably means he will injure himself again. These NFL players have proven time and again that when they try to play on busted limbs, it causes more problems over time, because they end up compensating for the injury

Now that the news with Julio is out, it looks like Roddy will be the workhorse. Maybe things will work out afterall

If there is one thing we do know, its that Roddy is very egotistical.
How many WRs can you name that are humble? Almost every good football player has a big ego. That's what drives them to be great.
While I understand that, I was talking more about his penchant for tweeting out Fantasy Helpful news where he is concerned. Most players either hate it, or do not care one way or another.


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