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Roethlisberger and the Pitt Passing Game (1 Viewer)


Am I the only thinking that Roethlisberger, S. Holmes, Ward and the rest of the Pitt receiving core could be in trouble this year from a fantasy perspective? The Pittsburgh defense looks very, very good. Willie Parker obviously looked good last weekend. Mendenhall is still a question as of right now, but he's got talent. Could the Pitt Offense turn into a clock-controlling, run happy offense because the Defense is so good? In other words, reduce the risk of turnovers on offense via the pass...so just line up and run it.


not concerened because the defense

concerened because Big Ben holds the ball a long time and has an OLine that isn't good at pass blocking

he gets hit so hard sometimes it is bound to catch up to him soon, i can see concussions in his near future, and schedule isn't easy


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