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Roman Harper Pulled Hamstring -- Has Been Ruled Out W2 (1 Viewer)


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from the T-P...

One of the other injuries that was overlooked -- conveniently, perhaps -- by Saints Coach Sean Payton on Sunday was the hamstring pull to Roman Harper.

Harper missed several plays in the fourth quarter after tweaking his right hamstring late in the game and didn't practice today.

It's unclear if the injury will prevent Harper from playing but it could be significant because he's the team's best run defender from the back end.

When Harper went down, the Saints moved Kevin Kaesviharn to strong safety and brought in Josh Bullocks at free safety. Bullocks, not noted as a sure tackler, missed a pair of key tackles in the fourth quarter.
Yeah, this sucks. He's one of the DBs I'm counting on. Hopefully it isn't serious. He's young, so hopefully he heals quick and gets back out there. I'd rather see him miss a week or two to get it healed up than to play and risk making it worse though.

what does this do for Kevin Kaesviharn's vaule
let's not get ahead of ourselves here, as i haven't heard anything yet about harper's status for this weekend. speculating here but kaesviharn would move over to harper's position. kaesviharn has good speed and is pretty solid in pass coverage. they were using him in blitz packages during the preseason to attack QB's. if the saints front four continue to pressure and harass the opposing QB then it's going to create opportunities and/or low percentage throws. given KK's skillset, it could mean more INTs and more time on the field.i'm not really worried about bullocks either, despite the fact that he's the weak link. he can suck in run defense but he might not be asked to do much of that because of vilma and fujita anchoring the LB corps.
Out of practice Wednesday and Thursday..... :lmao:

What are the odds he plays this week? 50/50, better, worse?

I'm starting Pollard over Harper this week in the hopes that they rest Harper to get him healthy. I hope they don't risk him making it worse.

i don't think he'll play, honestly. they want him healthy and they aren't going to risk losing him for more games.
I'm starting Pollard over Harper this week in the hopes that they rest Harper to get him healthy. I hope they don't risk him making it worse.
:wall:This means I'd have to roll with Marlin Jackson or Pacman in a tackle heavy league. That's a big downgrade. I'll be sitting in front of a computer on Sunday about 11:30 CST making this decision.Did notice he wasn't even listed at all on the Friday injury report.
I started Witherspoon with confidence last week when he wasn't listed on the injury report despite previous concern about a potentially serious hamstring injury. He stunk up the joint this past week despite having a favourable matchup. I won't make the same mistake with Harper. Better to wait and see for a week if possible. But, if you have no better option then start him and hope I guess.

i was reading the T-P earlier today. there was a live web-chat and the topic of harper came up. the local beat guy said that harper wasn't practicing wed or thursday. that's the most telling thing about the injury status to me. they did say he was mobile and active on the sidelines with the physical rehab, so it is possible that he could play. regardless, i think the fact that he's mobile and active suggests that this is not a serious long term injury like hammy related ones often are.


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