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Romo 2013 - the playcaller switch effect (1 Viewer)


For those waiting on a QB, Romo seems to be a guy you can usually get rather late and he puts up solid numbers. While he is often times viewed unfavorably in real life, for fantasy, the numbers are usually there.

This year his weapons look top notch. Dez has ascended to the elite, Witten is reliable, and Austin should be healthier. He is a player I WANT to target at the right price.

What I'm wrestling with is the switch away from Garrett calling the plays to Callahan. Last year, the Cowboys had the 3rd most passing attempts behind only the Lions and the Saints. So far, they have talked of wanting more balance, just coach speak this time of year? Their weapons clearly still favor the aerial attack. Can that o-line even run block adequately if they want to? Romo is very good and moving around and dodging pressure, many of their big plays come this way.

How much do you see Romo attempts going down? Could the defense be just a little better this year also resulting in less shootouts? These are the questions that give me pause on Romo. Interested to hear others thoughts.

Looking at the Cowboys' stats last year they were 6th in yards per game, but 15th in scoring.

A more balanced offense could mean fewer attempts for Romo but it could also mean a generally better offense, more points scored, fewer turnovers (Romo doesn't have to force it on 3rd and long), etc.

Like you said, the weapons favor an aerial attack. Unless you think Callahan is going to be a stubborn playcaller (i.e. running it three times in a row in the red zone) then Romo is going to get his and be in the middle to the bottom of the Top 10.


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