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Rookie draft help.....whir (1 Viewer)


I'm in a 12 team dynasty league (keep 22 players)

Standard scoring

My team is:



Evans/Goodwin/Robinson/D. Adams

Outside of Barkley, I can pick any rookie and here are my thoughts and would like to get your thoughts:

Sony Micheal: NE picked him as the #1 pick, they will use him. I don't really need a RB to get me points right away but, this is for future depth

Freeman: Seems like he will be the main back sooner than later (3 down back)

Johnson: He seems like Freeman, to possibly be a 3 down back (there is too much RB depth in Det)

Penny: Seahawks have a really bad O-Line and like Johnson, a lot of depth in Seattle

DJ Moore or C. Ridley: I could use the WR depth

With this being said, I am waffling between Sony / Freeman / Ridley. I would like to hear your thoughts and who you would pick.

Thanks in advance!

Just to confirm standard scoring is non PPR correct?

In non PPR I think I would go Guice.  I wouldn't mind him sitting out a year since I think he is the second best pure runner in this class.  One of his perceived weaknesses was his ability to catch out of the backfield.  In non ppr that weakness doesn't hurt his overall ability near as much.

I may be tempted to go Guice as well if you don't need him right away or much this year.  If you want some contribution this year then my pick would be Freeman.  I think he has the clearest path to the most work and will do well in Denver.


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