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Rookie draft pick trade, need help, thanks (1 Viewer)


Currently at pick 11 in my rookie draft. 12 teams, ppr, 2 qb league.

got proposed a trade to get pick 13, 17, 20 for 2019 1st, pick 27, and 29.

otc are Allen, Chubb, and Kerryon who’d I take at 13. 2019 1st isn’t mine but I’d say it really could be anywhere. Team had 5 pick 2 years ago and 2nd pick this year but team had some injuries and really isn’t that bad imo, could see them being a playoff team. 

I think I’m leaning toward doing it bcuz I like all those top 3 players and also like the players at 17 and 20 a decent amount over the player I’d get at 27 and 29. Thoughts?

I would make that move. I like Chubb and Kerryon and would take Allen as the leftovers. Plus a 2 qb league means there are still some good receivers at 17 and 20.

If you have someone you really want at 13 then go ahead and do it.  You improve each of the other two picks and who knows if there will be someone you want with that 2019 pick as much as the guy you want at 13.  The only risk you are taking is that the 2019 pick ends up top 3 or 4 and you lose out on possible elite talent.  However, if you really like what's there at pick 13 maybe it doesn't matter. 


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