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ROS AJ Brown or Garrett Wilson (1 Viewer)


It seems to be like Wilson will really struggle in that offense-- but the kid is so damn good and talented ( & I feel like a qb upgrade is on the way)

I own Wilson but was offered Brown (I'd have to give up Herbert too & maybe TLAW (I also have Allen)

Just didn't know if this is a no brainer or not. Brown has had two meh weeks in a row- but did go 90-1400-11 last year in same offense
Offer on the table is Wilson + herbert + lawrence for AJ Brown ( I would get AJ)

Lawerence backs up Josh Allen on my team

I am thin at RB but pretty sure Herbert is the answer in that offense and splitting with Roschon
I'd probably stand pat. The Jets are not the same without Rodgers, but, they played arguably the best two defenses in the league the first two weeks. I want to see them play more middle of the road and lower defenses before I completely give up on Wilson.
Also, Brown is competing and so far losing to Smith in the Eagles WR battle of 1a/1b. Wilson has no competition like that. He is the guy.
Appreciate the replies-- this is kind of how i usually move

Make a 3-1, work the wire and use the two bench spots and do it again a week or two later

End up around week 12.13 with a stacked starting lineup and a few cuffs

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