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ROS: Winston or Bortles, D. Jackson or Coutee? (1 Viewer)


PPR, 6 points for all TDs, Short-keeper dynasty

For the purpose of the dynasty, assume the guys in question here are treated as redraft players. This would be for QB2 and WR5 positions rest of the season:

  • Jameis Winston or Blake Bortles?
  • DeSean Jackson or Keke Coutee?

I currently lean a tad to both Buccaneers, but talk me out of it if that's a bad idea. I've got Matt Ryan as my starter so I need someone to fill in week 8, where Winston should have already shaken off the rust. Week 10 will be the tough week for me for WRs on bye and I know Coutee is in that group too, but with Fuller with a hamstring again I know Koutee will get a lot of opportunities as a short route safety blanket since the Texans don't use the TE.

I'm shocked Jackson is still on our wire, but people just find him volatile. With Winston back, they also had horrible chemistry last year.


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