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14 team/.5ppr Currently sitting at 5 and 3.

QBs Tannehill and Ryan

RBs Ekeler, Damien Harris, Javante Williams, Hunt and McKissic

WRs Hill, Claypool, Ridley

TEs Schultz and Logan Thomas

So, I know I shouldn't hold 2 QBs and 2 TEs but somehow I ended up there, lol, and our league is about impossible to trade in. I know if I drop either of the QBs or TEs they'll immediately be snatched up, but I'm thinking of dropping Ryan and stream. Hate to drop Thomas because Schultz might lose value when Gallup returns. Nervous about the limited WR depth but no FA's wow me. Like everyone else it'd be nice to know if Ridley is coming back but it is what it is. WR FAs are the likes of V. Jefferson, E. Moore, Agnew, Aiyuk , Gallup, Mooney, etc.

What to do, what to do. Sit tight until if or when I get in a bind and have to force my hand? That's my current mind set but would appreciate any thoughts!



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