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How much do you pay attention to filling roster gaps instead of taking BPA, and how much do you pay attention to bye weeks, strength of schedule, and teammates' correlated scoring (at the extreme, would you roster Julio Jones, Steven Jackson, Roddy White, Matt Ryan, and Tony Gonzalez if they all came at non-premium prices?) when you're building a roster? At what point does BPA take a back seat to other roster requirements?

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Teammates correlated scoring is a really interesting topic IMO. I think for overall contest such as FFPC, I am much more conscious of avoiding competing pass catchers or RB/WR combos if there is a comparable option available. There you want to embrace the volatility and not cap your upside for weeks 14-16.

In a league where I am just trying to beat the other 9 or 11 teams then I am perfectly happy to grab Julio/Roddy or S-Jax/Roddy. Not only is the point threshold you need to obtain to win lower, you are also denying another team the opportunity to draft that player. There is certainly the possibility that the offense lays an egg and you lose that week - but I don't think this possibility is significantly higher than if you avoided players from the same team. Though if all 5 of them were the highest on your board, you have to wonder if your projections for that team are just off - or you play in a New Orleans area league.

QB/WR I don't think is an issue and would be willing to take in virtually any format if they were the best players.

The idea of there being more risk associated with drafting teammates has been debunked multiple times in the past. It barely matters and doesn't have much if any negative effect.

I lean towards BPA when I draft...this led me to drafting Megatron, AJ Green and Percy Harvin in rounds 1, 2 and 4 in my recent draft. I couldn't pass on them while everyone else was reaching hardcore for RBs in rounds 2-4.

- Bye Weeks mean nothing to me.

- Strength of Schedule means very little but in a situation like AZ when you add in who is in there division it makes their RBs just a little bit less draftable.

- Same team doesn't mean anything to me either.

- Filling out the Roster.

This is where things are based on what's happening in the draft. If I just took the BPA I would basically just have a roster or receivers.

league scoring rules and starting lineup options/requirements each week are the biggest factors for me....I feel I can gain an advantage over other teams by dominating the flex position, so that leans towards BPA.....

at the RB/WR and to a certain extent the TE position I don't think you should ever pass on player X who is head and shoulders above player Y just because player Y plays a position you haven't filled yet....obviously the QB position is a little different

bye weeks mean nothing really.....potentially a difference at QB/TE

I'm not a huge fan of having a bunch of guys from the same team in my lineup each week....but not opposed...it all depends...in the example you listed above I would generally target the QB (in this case Ryan) as he gets you a piece of all the pies....I look at Manning the same way a little this year...

BPA shouldn't really take a backseat cept at QB, or if you are just TOTALLY too invested at a position....meaning you already have 6 RB's when you can only start 3 or something....at some point if you keep loading up at a position, others teams will say screw it and make the pickens slim at the position you have neglected....that's where the starting lineup thing kicks in...

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I actually pay a small amount of attention to bye weeks. Some years the players I like most end up with similar bye weeks and I am ecstatic.

If two guys are very close, with different byes, and the rest of my team has a bye the same as one guy, I'll use that as a tiebreaker. I would rather have my whole team off one week and be at 100% strength through all the other byes while everyone's teams are at 80-90% of full strength.

I really think that many owners overlook the importance of starting lineup requirements and how it works with VBD drafting and they just blindly take the wrong guy because they think "I need a WR" cause I already have 2 RB's....when RB3 might have been the play if you can play that RB3 in the flex spot....

- Like many I do my own little version of VBD - dont know how to draft without it.

- If I have access to the draft history of the league I use that to help me get an idea where positions have gone

- I pay very little attention to bye weeks

- My version of BPA changes after the 1st couple of rounds as I tend to weigh perceived weekly consistency heavier in rounds 1-2. After that I don't go BPA blindly but weigh it heavier than anything else.

- I have no problems drafting players from the same team. However this past year I had Ryan, White & Julio - did not make the playoffs yet was in the running for overall high points.

- If it is a head2head league where division standings count - I pay attention to what the other owners in my division are doing and generally draft against them.

- I only look at SOS in the preseason when sizing up WR's.

I guess you can call what I do BPA, but maybe not. I like to make sure that I dominate at least two positions. If I'm drafting at the end of the draft, that might mean I take Graham and Brees in round 1 because I know the RB's I get there are nowhere close to what the guys at the front of the draft are getting. But I also know I will be outscoring them at TE and QB all year. Maybe it means I take AJ Green and Brandon Marshall because I will have the strongest WR core in the league, and follow up with Peyton in round 3 because now I am very strong at WR and QB. The one thing I don't want to do is have middling talent at all positions - some middle of the road RB's, WR's and a decent TE. I want superstars, and I can fill in the pieces around them later in the draft.

Also, I try not to panic in the mid rounds. If you are really short at RB, and the pickings are getting slim, remember that just about every other team already has their RB stable full, so chances are slim that RB's are going to continue to fly off the board. This means that you can still pick up strong WR's or a good QB and those middle of the road RB's will probably last another round. So yeah, I guess that's BPA.


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