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Route 66: The Race to the Santa Monica Pier (1 open team) (1 Viewer)


16 team dynasty league.

Empire like jackpot. Race to the Santa Monica Pier and win the Fantasy Bowl, win the jackpot.

There are 8 divisions (based on the states Route 66 goes through). Everyone started in the first division (Chicago). The last division is the Santa Monica Pier.

To move up a division you need to...

  • Have a winning record
  • Win a Fantasy Bowl
  • Turn in 4 Hubcaps
So, if you have a winning record and win a fantasy bowl, you get to move up 2 divisions.

Hubcaps are given out during the play-offs and Week 18.

To fully understand, there is a link below to the league. It's very important to read the footnotes.


The team available is Albert the Giant.

Email me if you are interested, richhavlik@gmail.com

Entry fee is $20. Money goes toward Divisions winner(s), Fantasy Bowl Winner, and the Jackpot.

Sorry, but the rookie draft already happened.




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