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Royce or Carlos in trade? (1 Viewer)


The team who has Cousins wants Diggs from me...has offered Carlos Hyde, straight up. However, I'd prefer Royce Freeman, whom he also has.

If you're inclined to trade away Diggs - which of those RBs would you prefer?

1.5 PPR for WRs, 1 PPR for RBs, .5 points per rush. Redraft league. 

The caveat here is that we can start up to 3 RBs (we have 2 flex spots in addition to 1RB & 1WR).

Pertinent roster:

LeVeon (D'OH!), LeSean, Barber, Breida...Diggs, Jarvis, Marvin Jones, BCooks.



At 1.5 ppr for WR, I wouldn't be trading for either of those RBs. Diggs will outscore them by a large amount. Do you need RB help?



don't forget the RB gets .5 point per rush.
That is a good point. Totally missed that in the equation. I still wouldn't do Hyde, but it would make Freeman much more tempting. Still boils down to what you currently have on the roster and if it's a need.



I wouldn't trade Diggs for either one of those RB's unless you were really stacked at WR and really weak at RB.
LeVeon is gonna kill me at RB...but otherwise, I'm okay-ish:  LeVeon, LeSean, Barber, Breida.

And my WRs are solid with Diggs, Jarvis, Marvin Jones, and B Cooks.  So I might could afford to lose Diggs.

My preference is to always start RBs when I can. Even at 1.5 PPR, only the very-top WRs score similarly to the top 10-12 RBs.

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