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RT Masters league looking for new GMs for 2008 season! (1 Viewer)


RT Masters League:

Accepting Applications for 2008 FF Season of play!

The league is under new management as TBLCommissioner and BlackNumberOne have taken on the roles of co-commissioners following the vacancy created when league founder and former commissioner Loqutis stepped down following the 2007 season.

RT Masters League: Hosted by Real Time Fantasy Sports is currently accepting applications for Team Owners.

The RT Masters League is an elite fantasy football league comprised of 24 highly enthusiastic and qualified Fantasy Football Gurus. Each selected from applications from all walks of life. The league was founded in 2005 to become a showcase league for RT Sports. There are currently six teams remaining from the league's inception. There is not cost to play and no monetary rewards. GMs simply play for prestige as the competition is fierce. The ability to maintain a longtime presence in the league is the ultimate reward!!!

At the end of each season 6 owners / will be eliminated from the RT Masters League and replaced with highly qualified new owners.

All interested owners should email an informal fantasy football resume (explaining your fantasy football experience and accomplishments) to robsrebels@hotmail.com for review. Candidates credentials will be verified by all members of the league. Applications will be collected and owners reviewed within the RT Masters League league page throughout the off season.

Applications will be accepted until May 29th. The team selection process will begin at the start of June.

Draft begins June 15, 2008 09:01 AM ET

Good luck to all applicants!


RT rulebook


RT Masters League

Account ID: rtmasters

Password: rtmasters

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