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RTSports App? (1 Viewer)


Does anyone know of a good Android App for RTSports?

The one they have on their website is a PITA as it constantly throws you to ads and other stuff, as well as being fairly limited.

Just pull up their site on your phone and hit the button marked "full website" which will look the same as if you pulled up RT Sports on your computer.

Take your fingers and zoom in a bit so you can navigate the site like you are at home.

See if that helps.

Yeah i just use the "full site" version so its the same as on my pc. Its a little rough to navagate but not to bad.

The app blows

Both mobile app and full site, that MOP referenced, toss you to adware. Its really effing annoying actually because it will toss you while you are in the middle of posting on boards, processing add/drop, placing WW bids or setting your lineup.

Apparently not an issue for the peeps in my league with iPhones.

Get it together RTS!!!!


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