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Rudi Johnson (1 Viewer)

I think that you are really reaching Big Score.

Dillon had a YPC higher than Johnson in every game but San Francisco; many of them he was nearly 2 to 1 in YPC!

They were in a Playoff Race, and Lewis played him for one reason and one reason only TO WIN!
Of course you could be right Dancing Bear. Except that your ascertation of Marv playing Dillon to WIN!, doesn't explain why Rudi got the lions share of the carries and Dillon got the scraps.

50 carries for 266 yds & 4 TD's + 7 receptions for 54 yds & 0 TD's for Rudi.

Compared to:

35 carries for 135 yds & 0 TD's + 1 reception for 11 yds & 0 TD's for Dillon.

Now think about this.

What would be the trade value of an injured, malcontent 30 year old RB, who, when supposedly finally healthy, sits on the bench gathering dust during his Teams most critical part of the season?

Red Flags would be going up all over NFL front offices. They might well think that Dillon was not completely recovered from his injury, thus driving down his trade value for 2004.

IMO, Playoff race or no Playoff race, Marv HAD to play Dillon, to get full trade value.

But, short of sitting down face to face with Marv and getting a straight answer from him, none of us will ever know if my supposition is right or wrong.

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Clunker 1:  Week 12 - Dillon goes for 108 yards on 18 carries (6ypc).  On 17 carries (one fewer) Rudi gos for 55 (3.23ypc). 

CLunker 2: Week 13 - Dillon has 10 carries for 48 yards (4.8 ypc).  Rudi has 10 carries for 29 yards (2.9 ypc).

Clunker 3: Week 14 - Dillon has 11 for 45 (4 ypc).  Rudi has 4 for 10 (2.5 ypc)

Clunker 4: week 16 - Dillon has 7 for 37 (5.28 ypc).  Rudi has 11 for 30 (2.73ypc)

Clunker 5: Week 17 - Dillon has 8 for 50 (6.25ypc).  Rudi has 2 TDs, but a not so stellar 14 for 52 (3.71 ypc).

Thanks for asking for this comparison.  I like Rudi even less now in the 2nd round. 

:rolleyes: Ok, now let's remove the spin and look at those "clunkers" again:

"Clunker 1": Week 12 - Dillon goes for 108 yards on 18 carries (6ypc). On 17 carries (one fewer) Rudi gos for 55 (3.23ypc).

Dillon had 108 yards on 18 carries. Dillon is gone. Let's give Rudi the full 25-30 carries and see what he might have done here. 100 yards rushing? Probably.

"CLunker 2": Week 13 - Dillon has 10 carries for 48 yards (4.8 ypc). Rudi has 10 carries for 29 yards (2.9 ypc).

You are seriously going to peg this a clunker when he had TEN carries??

"Clunker 3": Week 14 - Dillon has 11 for 45 (4 ypc). Rudi has 4 for 10 (2.5 ypc)

EVEN WORSE, You are seriously going to peg this a clunker when he had FOUR carries? Someone PLEASE pass me that joint.

"Clunker 4": week 16 - Dillon has 7 for 37 (5.28 ypc). Rudi has 11 for 30 (2.73ypc)

11 carries. See above.

"Clunker 5": Week 17 - Dillon has 8 for 50 (6.25ypc). Rudi has 2 TDs, but a not so stellar 14 for 52 (3.71 ypc).

Please let's not try and cast a game in which he scored twice as a "clunker," that's just silly. And if its the yards you are questioning, did you hear that Corey Dillon is no longer on the team? Let's give his 50 yards to Rudi instead. 100 yards and 2 TD's. Clunker if I ever saw one.

I have a hard time categorizing any of those games as a true "clunker." Not sure what you are thinking having this guy the 21st ranked RB with those kinds of numbers. Might he bust? Sure. Is he a gamble? Sure. But to argue that he didn't perform well really undermines your whole argument.
We're not going to have much of a discussion if you continue to toss out the games that don't suit you. THe fact is he was OUTPLAYED by Corey Dillon in all 5 gams I mentioned. Corey Dillon is gone, yes. But you act like Rudi can just assume those numbers. Answer me 2 questions, than I'll let sleeping dogs lie...1. WHy did Marvin keep giving Dillon - a clubhouse cancer and walking injury - the ball if Rudi is/was so special?

2. Why did the team draft a Running Back in the 1st when Brandon Bennett, Jamel White, Troy Hambrick, Skip Hicks, etc. could have all been had MUCH cheaper as depth?

In Clunker 1, Otis didn't assume Rudi would have gotten all of Dillons 108 yards. His "100 yards rushing?" part doesn't look to me like 163 yards. Since Rudi had 55 Yrads splitting time with Dillon that game, I think it's pretty safe to assume Rudi would have gotten 45 more yards if he had gotten all the work. As for the questions, I'll give my OPINION on them as they are very good questions.

1. Because Dillon is a better RB. He has been at least in the past and is more of a complete RB. Dillon is more talented and definitely knows the game better. If that wasn't the reason, maybe it was to just keep him quite, or try to at least.

2. Because Chris Perry has a TON more talent than those guys do. Rudi fans can praise him all they want and I do like Rudi in 2004, but beyond that, Perry could easily be their RB of the future. Also, since Rudi has never started a whole season, it is much safer for Cincy to have a more talented or higher potential RB like Perry, than one of those scrubs.

In games Rudi started last year, I thought he did pretty well. In games he split time with Dillon, some were not so good. But that was last year. Since he's working for a contract again, and is the guy now, I will give him a little more respect. It's still a risk taking him in the 2nd, but what RB doesn't have any risk that is being picked in the 2nd? Barber, Dillon, SDavis, Dom, Faulk, Henry, Bennett, all have some risk. Rudi could just as easily finish a head of all of them, as he could finish behind all of them. It's all a matter of opinion. Anyone can use as many stats and numbers from previous years all they want, it's still no gaurantee either way.


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