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One of my local leagues is an auction league.  We carry the salaries (winning bids) into the season.  Our waivers are where things are a bit unique...

you put a player up for bid on the message board with a price.  If the bid is not upped within 24 hours he is yours.  If there is a new bid, the timer restarts when the new bid is placed.  It's also $5 a transaction.

This changes things up.  

You can't sneak a player through waivers.  Everyone can see who you want as long as they log in or are notified.  

You have to have the cap space, and/or clear the cap space on a winning bid.  So you have to consider who you are going to cut as the bid increases.  It may not simply be the last guy on your bunch you cut.

A guy might have a big week, so I nominate him.  I don't really want the guy and hoping someone else ups the bid and it gets another $5 in the kitty.

You have to have a plan in place for the weekend.  If a bid on a guy and the clock starts/restarts, the bidding could take several days and may not expires next time for the guy to be in lineups for this upcoming week.  So don't leave yourself short and bid late.  Let's say my opponents main QB got hurt this past week, and his backup is on a bye.  If my opponent waits until late in the week to bid on a qb, I am going to do my best to up the bids at the right clock intervals so he doesn't have a QB this weekend.  My opponent should just move on to a new target in these cases but I stopped him from having his preferred choice most likely.

This is certainly not for everyone but to me it adds a lot of flavor to the waiver wire game.

Decimals have no place in a real football score, so why are they in my fantasy? I used to say the same about 2 QB’s.  Thanks for nothing Sean Payton.

I suppose it’s a non issue for most, but it does bother me.  We now have ties in real football standings. In general I’m not a fan of rules for the sake of number crunching. A touchdown is the pinnacle of scoring and should be so in fantasy. You can march up and down the field and amass hundreds of yards but if you don’t put it in the endzone you likely will lose. TD only anyone, and get off my lawn.

Not actively playing anymore, but:


Big rosters
Big starting lineups
Waiver priority that drops you to end of list after each queued up selection (but no change during FCFS)
Salary cap and contracts
Non-standard positions (head coach pts based on margin of victory.  Punter, points based on net yards)
Non-standard lineups (so cookie-cutter advice was less useful)
Weekly Triple or double-headers to lessen luck factor.
Rookie draft order decided by combination of regular season record, and Consolation Bracket results.
Championship Bracket consolation games, winner picks ahead of loser in rookie draft.
Flex 2nd QB/3rd RB position.


Small rosters
Small starting lineups
Cookie cutter starting lineups

Every redraft league I play in 4 teams make the playoffs, no bye weeks, typical seed #1vs #4,  #2 vs #3.   I would not say I hate this but I'd like it a lot better if it was just total points for the 4 team two week playoffs instead of H2H.
I went to a two week All-Play format after the WC. Turns out the highest scoring team won and had the best AP record, not to be unexpected tho.

I did this so one bad week int he playoffs won't sink you. Oddly enough in my other league where I was the highest scoring team and was 12-1, well after a 1st rd bye, week 5 sunk me. A kicker, a freaking kicker sunk me. Fairbarn had 28 freaking points and outscored Brees and 2 of my WRs. Anyway I digress........

I love best ball (for dynasty leagues with active in-season management and largeish rosters). Some reasons why:

  1. Your successes are loud & in your lineup, your failures are quiet & on the bench. You're a genius when you get 3/48/2 from Michael Roberts, and who cares if he goes for 0/0/0. It kinda sucks that McCoy has struggled but at least he hasn't been keeping Lindsay on your bench.
  2. Solid players have solid value. It's not just about hitting on studs. You can feel good about owning guys like Sanu and Gabriel instead of praying you won't have to start them or just filling the bottom third of your roster with lottery tickets.
  3. Because your whole roster matters, decisions count for more. Waiver pickups have a good shot at cracking your lineup, rather than being mostly irrelevant churn. Being ahead of the curve on guys like David Moore & Chris Herndon actually gets rewarded.
  4. Skill matters more. Because of #3, and Best Ball points being less random, and smart ways to play being less widely established, if you're good at fantasy football that gets rewarded.
  5. Setting a weekly lineup just isn't that fun or interesting. Mostly it involves some combination of doing the obvious, checking other people's rankings, and agonizing over near 50-50 calls. You get to skip that.
squistion said:
I hate leagues that award performance based bonuses for players

In my two oldest leagues (formed over a decade ago) a RB or WR who reaches 100 yards in a game gets a 5 point bonus.

Over the years I have lost a bunch of matchups because my opponent had a player who just crossed the 100 yard threshold and that 5 added points was the difference between winning the losing. I have also had my players stall out at 99 yards, while 1 more yard (with that added 5 points) would have given me the victory.
A lot like how a player who gets tackled at the 1 yard line doesn't get the 6 points a player who goes 1 yard further gets.

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