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Rush LBs as DEs - How does his change value? (1 Viewer)


One of the leagues I play in re-classifies rush OLBs (Matthews, Woodley, Suggs, Mathis etc) as DEs.

Scoring is as follows:

1.2pt per tackle

0.6pt per assist

2pt per sack

0.1pt for every sack yard

1.5pts per QB hit

2.8pts per TFL

Dumb question, but I've never really understood why position changes kill fantasy value for DEs/OLBs, so I'm trying work out what effect these OLBs being classed as DEs would make to scoring. Does it make them more valuable? Less valuable? Why?

I ask because I own Woodley and am thinking of moving him. He's in Jene's rush LB tier, but how would he be ranked if he were a DE?


It should absolutely make rush OLBs like that more valuable if they're classified as DE, particularly if they hit their anticipated sacks totals.

40-ish solo tackle and double digit sack defensive lineman don't grow on trees. 40-ish solo tackle and double digit sack linebackers.....are passable LB4s. At least in most any scoring system I've played in.

I'd check where guys with whatever you project for Woodley in 2013 would have finished last year as DEs in your scoring system and go from there. The rub with Woodley is that he's perpetually fighting some nagging junk the last few years, seemingly. Won't do anyone any good, at LB or DL, if he's in the hot tub.

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UKColt - given the opportunity to re-classify your rush OLBs as DEs, the answer is simple. Do it.

Here are some relevant examples from my league this past season:

Anthony Spencer = 170 points = #28 LB vs #2 DE

Elvis Dumervil = 132 points = #54 LB vs #6 DE

DeMarcus Ware = 131 points = #56 LB vs #8 DE
LaMarr Woodley = 77 points = #97 LB vs #40 DE

Our scoring system isn't identical to yours, but the premise is the same. DEs do not score as well as OLBs. So if you can play an OLB at DE you are gaining a sizable advantage.

Hopefully this helps you...

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