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Why is R.W. McQuarters not getting any love in the rankings? In my league last year he finished in the top 15 in scoring among CB/S. His value is helped by returning kicks... which has me wondering... is he not going to return kicks for the Loins?

He's not getting any love b/c he's not expected to start for the Lions. The Lions seem content (not to be confused with happy) with Bly and Bryant. I would expected McQuarters to provide depth and nickle help.BTW...if Law is signed by DET, put a fork in McQuarters. He'll have essentially no shot at cracking the starting lineup.

he could emerge as a starting CB, or even FS if holt flails (i don't expect this to happen, but mooch has seemed reluctant until now to start him, so maybe there is a reason)...but as the dog said, for now he is not a starter. second string DBs don't have a lot of value & you could probably put the roster spot to better use... you can always scoop him up later if he emerges. though stats don't always translate across different schemes (he goes from CHI to DET).

I didn/t realize he was stuck down on the depth chart. Just assumed he wouldn/t leave CHI to take a backup role. Thanks for the insight.

...Just assumed he wouldn/t leave CHI to take a backup role.
The Bears cut him. He did not voluntarily leave.McQuarters received a lot of playing time last year at the expense of Charless Tillman and Jerry Azumah. Tillman missed 50% of last year, while Azumah missed another 25%.


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