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Ryan Tanneyhill (1 Viewer)


Why is everyone so enthralled with Ryan Tanneyhill?  Derrick Henry is in Tennessee and his workload over the past couple of years is off the charts.  This is very much a run first team despite the addition of Julio Jones (who at this point in their respective careers, I am not sure is an upgrade from Corey Davis).  Week after week (at least to this point in the season) he is ranked near the top 10 QBs and week after week he seems to be outscored by the likes of Joe Burrow and Matt Ryan.  Even now, you have Tanneyhill ranked higher than the two aforementioned quarterbacks despite the fact they are outscoring him by 2-3 ppg. His strength of schedule has not been overly difficult and yet he is currently the 22nd scoring QB in my league and could be passed by Carson Wentz with a good effort tonight.  So the question is, why are you so high on him?


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