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S Dawan Landry injury (1 Viewer)

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I didn't see this posted yet..

The Ravens do not believe that SS Dawan Landry's spinal cord concussion is a season-threatening injury.
He ran his helmet straight into Lewis' thigh. Landry was motionless on the field before being lifted onto a stretcher and placed on a cart. He spoke to trainers as he left and has movement in all his extremities. It appears the Ravens were being overly cautious; Landry never lost consciousness.
Update on Landry -

Good news as he's released from hospital.

Update on Landry injury

Strong safety Dawan Landry was released from Maryland Shock Trauma Center and is expected to return to the field this season after suffering a spinal cord concussion in the second quarter of Sunday's 28-10 win against the Cleveland Browns.

"His stability tests are all normal," coach John Harbaugh said. "He will be in a cervical collar for at least a week, and then they'll evaluate him further and then we'll just take it from there. He'll be playing in some number of weeks, and it won't be too many weeks."

Harbaugh expressed gratitude for the Browns' concerns for Landry. "Their attitude and the respect they had for him as a player and for the Ravens as a team was pretty obvious," he said. "These guys care about each other in this league, and you could see that. Guys were kneeling and praying, and that was a strong statement."

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