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S. Lee and J. Jones for Myles Jack? (1 Viewer)


Good trade for me?  Format, roster and scoring below.

What I'm thinking is upgrading my LB spot, Lee is obviously injury prone and don't think I'll have a better opportunity to deal him then before the season starts and the inevitable injury happens.  That being said I do have J. Smith to play if he does get hurt.  I'm hearing a lot of good things from Myles Jack as he is positioned to move to the MLB spot instead of the OLB he has been playing in recent years.  I'm also deep at  Safety and have J. Adams and Hyde to start.  I like Jones, but do believe I'm getting the better player out of the 2 for 1 trade.  


16 team dynasty IDP LG PPR

1 QB = Newton, Bradford, Rosen,

2 RB = Gurley, Cook, Foremon, Chubb,J Jackson, J Wilkins, J Kelly, Prosise

3 WR = Thielen, Baldwin, D. Thomas, Garcon, Kirk, C Coleman, Cain, Lasley, James Jr.

1 TE = Burton, Seals Jones, Vannett

2 rb/wr/te flex

1 DT = McCoy

2 DE = C. Jordan, Sheard, Wake, Curry, Turay

3 LB = Lee, Edmunds, D. Davis, Vernon, J. Smith, Vigil, Bowman, F. Warner

2 CB = J. Jenkins, I Oliver

2 S = J Adams, Hyde, Vaccaro, J. Jones, McDougald, J. Simmons

1 idp flex

tckl = 1.5

asst = .75

sack = 5

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I think that is a great trade for the future.  I like Myles Jack a lot and although Lee puts up great numbers when healthy he has a lot of miles on the tires and the Cowboys have a  highly touted rookie coming in as well.  Losing a DB is irrelevant because you can always find them on the waiver wire or pick up cheaply. 

Good trade for you.

You don’t need Jones, and getting younger by dealing Lee to Jack is worth doing.  Clear win for you.


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