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S. Lee for M. Ingram? (1 Viewer)

Trade S. Lee for M. Ingram?

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16 team dynasty IDP LG PPR. Roster and scoring below. 

1 QB = Newton, Bradford, Rosen,

2 RB = Gurley, Cook, Foremon, Chubb,J Jackson, J Wilkins, J Kelly, Prosise

3 WR = Thielen, Baldwin, D. Thomas, Garcon, Kirk, C Coleman, Cain, Lasley, James Jr.

1 TE = Burton, Seals Jones, Vannett

2 rb/wr/te flex

1 DT = McCoy

2 DE = C. Jordan, Sheard, Wake, Curry, Turay

3 LB = Lee, Edmunds, D. Davis, Vernon, J. Smith, Vigil, Bowman, F. Warner

2 CB = J. Jenkins, I Oliver

2 S = J Adams, Hyde, Vaccaro, J. Jones, McDougald, J. Simmons

1 idp flex

tckl = 1.5

asst = .75

sack = 5



I assume that is Melvin Ingram.  I want to clarify because I have commented on other threads about the wrong guy because I assumed incorrectly.  If so, is he categorized as a DE or OLB for your league?

I am leaning towards the Ingram side due to the 5 pts per sack scoring.  He should be solid and if he is eligible at DE then he really helps you out at that position. 



Lee is a tackle machine when he's on the field, and dealing him will leave you thin there.  He's old enough and beat up enough that I love getting out from under him for another solid player like M. Ingram (who is no spring chicken himself, but doesn't have the same injury history).

That said, while Ingram is an upgrade at your DE2, losing LB1 Lee leaves a hole.  If I were to do this deal I'd be looking to follow up with something to acquire another starting LB.

I'd probably do the deal but it's close.

Edit:  Also assuming Ingram is a DE.  If he is an LB I pass.

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