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Saban and Capers visit FSU (1 Viewer)



If you ventured out to the Florida State practice fields Wednesday afternoon you might think the Miami Dolphins were holding a training camp in Tallahassee this year. Head coach Nick Saban, new defensive coordinator Dom Capers along with three other assistant coaches and a scout were in town to take a closer look at six former Seminole players that are eligible for this weekend's NFL draft.

The group of Kamerion Wimbley, Leon Washington, Ernie Sims, Antonio Cromartie, Pat Watkins and Sam McGrew were all present for the informal get-together. The group of six spent a lot of time meeting with the Dolphin coaching staff and most of them took part in position drills.

"That's pretty unusual for that many coaches to come out this late in the game," said FSU strength and conditioning coach Jon Jost, who was present for the workouts. "It was amazing and pretty neat."

The Dolphins have the 16th overall pick in the first round but don't pick again until No. 18 in round three. Based on some of feedback from Wednesday, there's a decent chance an FSU player could be picked up with both of those picks.

If he's still around by the 16th pick, there's a great chance that Kamerion Wimbley will be picked up by the Dolphins. Dom Capers is expected to bring more 3-4 defensive schemes to the Miami this season and Wimbley would be the perfect complement to a veteran defensive end already on the roster.

"I talked to coach Saban about it and he told me basically they would be looking at me as a Jason Taylor type," Wimbley said. "They switch -- they do a three-four and four-three at times. In some situations I would be up and in some I would be down in a three-point stance rushing from the end.

"They see some similarities maybe between me and Jason Taylor. They would put me opposite side of him if I were to be selected by them."

The Dolphin coaches had Wimbley taking part in position drills with linebacker Sam McGrew

With their next pick, Leon Washington might be a prime candidate. With Ricky Williams being suspended for the year, the Dolphins are suddenly in the market for a quality running back. Most draft projections say Washington should be drafted somewhere around round three and it may be perfect timing for Saban to pull the trigger and take the Jacksonville native.

"The situation with Ricky (Williams), everything is possible," Washington told Warchant.com. "I hope they draft the whole team. That would be alright. I thought I had one of the best workouts I've had."

The NFL Draft begins this Saturday at 12:00 Noon EST and anywhere from 8 to 10 Seminoles are expected to be drafted, including four first rounders. Warchant.com will have full coverage this weekend.
Drafting a guy from FSU is probably one of the safest picks this year. They have all shot up the boards in the last few months, and for a good reason. Solid players in a solid program. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:


Saban was only visiting FSU to look around the campus so he is familiar with it when his NFL career goes down the crapper (two years or so) and Bowden decides to retire, creating a vacant HC job at FSU.


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