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Salary Cap Contract Year League looking for 2 Replacement Owners (1 Viewer)


Florida Beaches Dynasty League has four teams available from owners that have decided to not come back for one reason or another. Fez (Joe Burrow); Jiggly Nuts (Brock Purdy) ; Beletricks (Dak Prescott); and Manatees (Lamar Jackson) are the four teams available. Now is the time to get these teams as we are about to start all of the off-season activities. There will be contract extensions, holdouts, and player tags to just name a few plus we have developmental players (college) that need to be released or retained. Here is a link to the league on MFL:


League fees are $50 per year and 2024 has been pre-paid. Email me at fantasyfootballchargersfl@gmail.com if interested.

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