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Published Tue Oct 18 10:15:00 p.m. ET 2005 (KFFL) Associated Press reports San Francisco 49ers LB Saleem Rasheed (knee) had surgery on his left knee and could miss up to five weeks of action. He'll need at least two weeks to recovery from surgery on his meniscus, but he probably won't return until next month according to head coach Mike Nolan. So does that mean that Brandon Moore will start in Ullbrich/Rasheed position? Is there value in picking Moore up off waiver?

If Rasheed can’t go, Nolan said fourth-year Brandon Moore is next on the depth chart at right inside backer.The personnel in the nickel package will receive more consideration before Nolan makes up his mind.“It was on my mind pretty heavy,” said Nolan. “I thought about it probably the entire practice, making sure we have the right match-ups. They have a couple of players who are go-to-players for them so I have to look at that. The linebacker that is in there will probably be Derek Smith, but the other backer in there could be a defensive back. We’ll wait and see. It could be a linebacker also. It could be Moore, it could be Julian, or a couple of the DB’s we have, so we’ll wait and see.”
LINKIf he's not going to play Nickel i wouldn't jump on Brandon Moore

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