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San Diego at Miami (1 Viewer)

Wallace open streaking down the sideline. Tannehill underthrows it so pass is broken up by the time ball gets there. Could have been an easy six. Tannehill has a good arm but he keeps doing this.

Hartline fumbles at the goal line but roughing the passer saves Miami, it was a perfectly legit call, 2 full strides to the QB and unloads.

So is the Grimes vs Allen match-up happening, or is Grimes staying on one side as many said he would?
Great question, Grimes has been matched up on Vincent Brown, that was the interception early on.

Patterson nursing injuries is matched up on Keenan Allen to this point.

Really tough nice run back by Keenan Allen, he took half the team with him as he was moving the pile. Caleb Sturgis needed a saddle and bull rope to bring him down. Looked like the old buck buck game Bill Cosby references.

I would expect Keenan Allen to get busy on this drive, if the punt return was any indicator, he's itching to get the ball in his hands.

Gates put a stiff arm on Rashad Jones, looked like what CK was called on in the SF/Car game last week. I guess you can't stiff arm a face mask. Maybe he held onto it


Nolan Carrol tips his hand on a corner blitz, Rivers checks out of it and gives a quick hand off to Ryan Mathews and they gain a big chunk, that's a veteran move by the QB, well done.

Jets lost earlier, winner of this game will be in the #6 spot or ties for the last wildcard spot.

10-10 as we get set for halftime and the 2nd half. Can't imagine Miami will do much except running out the clock.

Ryan Mathews with 71 yards on 11 touches in the first half.

Will probably only see the ball three times in the second half

Tannehill huge sack and now with a chance to get the ball back and perhaps a couple shots.

3rd and 21 coming up. 1st down was close to a sack as well.

Chargers kind of an oof not using the final timeout before the half and forcing Miami to punt from their territory. Gift from SD as Miami goes to the locker room.

Allen stays in on 3rd long and slides into the left hash mark, comes out like a dart as Rivers scrambled and he does the rest for a nice FD

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Allen 3rd strike from Rivers, he's being targeted on this drive big time, seems like SD knows it was a missing ingredient.

Allen called for taunting, that won't help.

Pretty weak taunting call. I think that happens on every catch for a first down.
You don't know what he said ;)

On another note though the taunting penalty killed that drive so while he did do a few nice things on the drive he also sabotaged the drive for his team. He's gotta learn not to do that.


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