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*** San Diego - Oakland *** (1 Viewer)

Gotta root for the Chargers this time. In a big week for one of my teams, I need LT and McCardell to get 23 points over Jordan.GO LT!!!

Good luck ST. I big night from Keenan will make things much easier for me. Alexander tomorrow night will seal the win with an average night, but I'd rather just get it over with here. Go Bolts!

I'm with you CC. It's fun to root on a player on MNF and get a win, but really I'd rather have it sealed up beforehand. Unfortunately, I do have to root LJ Smith on Monday to the tune of four points over Hasselbeck. Doesn't sound likely, but the snow might have a positive effect there.

why marty why? LT was moving the ball, keep giving it to him
He looked a bit tired towards the end of the drive...he had 5-6 touches on that drive, with several being pretty long carries/catches. Patience, my friend...

Had possession, but was he inbounds with possession?? Hmmmmm....
His butt lands in bounds (before his shoulders land out). The question is whether he had possession by then. Looks like he did.
How about C Anderson making an ### out of himself in the end zone, o goody - then again I have to wonder about a guy named "Courtney"

Good god Gates is good. If i'm in a ppr league I consider taking him in the 2nd round next year. he's a man among boys.

crap... i jinxed him by trying to add Turner right before the game started... i'd be screwed big time if i don't get him on my playoff roster :shock: someone say something optimistic about LT2 to comfort me

2 yard TD run for tomlinson after this commerical break.EDIT: maybe not

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Anyone who says fantasy isn't 100% luck is smoking something. Its called injuries.

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It's right before the second half. I'm sure he's just going in early to get looked at. He'll be just fine.

And the mad rush to the waiver wire to pickup Turner is on...
Let's not freak out. Nothing to suggest its a serious injury at this point. Obviously, if you need LT to be big today to make the playoffs, then this is tough, however.

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