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Barrows on Twitter:

Elijah Mitchell just walked off the field at halftime next to RBs coach Anthony Lynn. He was walking slowly but didn't seem to have a limp. Kyle Shanahan to give an RB1 update after the game.

Ministry of Pain

Sad to hear about Mitchell

I was bullish on him Year 2...such a rush to move Sermon on his way, I never thought he looked bad when they did play him but was sold on Mitchell being the guy

Must be something to the run scheme and players being injured. Might be the best run blocking scheme in football but you cannot keep a RB healthy...San Fran should carry 6 RBs into battle on Sundays because they need them.

Go down like flies left and right


Fields with a very nice scramble for a long TD to Pettits. The Bears OL is getting destroyed, but they are in the game.

Ministry of Pain

SF 49'ers look terrible in Week 1

Miami holds their 1st Rd pick in 2022 despite the bumbledorf owner losing their own 1st Rd pick because he cheated but we still have SF 1st Rd pick...

Terrible look Week 1

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