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San Francisco at Minnesota game thread (1 Viewer)

The Vikings offense still finding themselves right now.

Dalvin Cook played the first two drives and had the first 3 touches of the game. The offensive line is struggling to open holes and protect Cousins. Tom Compton in particular struggling with Buckner.

The defense has been playing great though, not letting the 49ers do anything, run or pass. I almost feel sorry for George Kittle who is getting thrown around a lot and is blanketed by Kendricks in coverage. Barr is picking up the RBs.

Latavius Murray comes in for the Vikings 3rd drive and the line opens a massive hole for him. Both me and my cousin are wondering why the opposing defense doesn't seem to be playing the run when Murray is there? Cook and McKinnon just don't seem to get the same blocking as Murray does.

After a another run by Murray for not much the Vikings convert the 3rd down with a nice flare pass to Cook for good yardage.

Stefon Diggs finishes the drive with a TD!!

M. Goodwin injured--seems about right.  Looks like he knocked knees with somebody running a crossing route through traffic.

The 49ers catch the Vikings defense flat footed 3 times in a row catching them in man coverage then throwing to the wide open side of the field. Defenders slow to react.

Goodwin hurt after the 3rd one.

Hope Goodwin's injury is just a quad bruise, and not an ACL.

49er Offensive line looks like dogmeat. They were supposed to be much improved this year. So far, not so much.

of course, they are playing against Minny, and this D looks even better than last year.

Pass rush and good coverage by the Vikings on 3rd down after sandwiching Garcon on 2nd down and breaking up the play.

49ers get a FG from Robbie Gould.

Dalvin Cook just fumbles on an AWESOME run.  Cook looks really, really good... just needs to stay healthy (and not fumble).

Cook running and catching so strong in this game -- unfortunately after breaking a nice tackle to spring free, gets the ball poked out from behind for the turnover. 

Dalvin Cook running awesome but he fumbled the ball after stepping through the trash and avoiding two tackle attempts.

Cook looks like he is about to score and sees daylight but he doesn't have the ball close to his body and the tackle from behind knocks it out.

Cook is amazing to watch.  IMO, talent and opportunity is right up there with the best.  I would not be shocked if he has close to a 2000 total yard season.

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Morris looks good. A guy who would do well with lots of touches and can wear out a defense. 

To be fair, Goodwin hit knees/quad on a D-lineman so hard that he spun out mid-stride and flipped to the ground.  He may not be back today, IMO--those tend to tighten up as time goes by.
Yeah, i meant "just" as opposed to an ACL. That hit in real time reminded me of Wentz's injury.

Morris just scrapped for a 1-yard gain on 3rd and 1 at the 3-ish.  Got it, pretty much all on his own effort.

Vikings not fitting up right on defense and Morris has had several good runs on this 49ers drive. 

Its all Morris and Kittle.

Morris stuffed on three runs (in four plays) inside the 5.  Fumbled on his 3rd carry.  Vikings recover.

Wow the defense stands due to Morris not being able to hang on to the ball.

Murray up the gut on 1st down to give the offense some breathing room. 2 minutes left in the first half. Vikings 10 49ers 3.

I thought the 49ers were going to score and tie the game up there. Morris had a lot of tries from inside the 5 yard line including the two tries from the one after the penalty where he fumbled twice in a row.

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If they would call defensive holding every time that Richard Sherman actually holds on defense, he wouldn't have a job.  Have no idea how they continually let that guy get away with his schtick.

Thielen makes another 1st-down grab.  He and Diggs both look good (Diggs looks great), and TREADWELL caught a pass, broke a tackle, and got a 1st down.

If the Vikings are the class of the NFC (and they might be, they have looked good) then the 49ers should feel REALLY good about their showing--1 goalline fumble away from a 10-10 tie at the half.


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