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Seahawks at 49ers (1 Viewer)


No game thread for the 2nd week in a row for the 49ers, so Ill make one.

Niners up 14-6 in the 2nd.

Richie James had a 97 yard KO return for a TD, and Mullens just hit Celek for a 41 yard TD after missing a wide open Kittle that would have went for 6.

Baldwin caught a 5yd TD pass for Seattle and they missed the XP.

Wilson is having a really weird day running that zone read.  He's kept it when there's like two guys waiting out there playing it perfectly, and he handed it off a couple times where he would have had free walk in TDs.

Maybe Wilson just really doesn't like getting hit.  3rd and 6 he's looking right at Baldwin who runs an out route and has his guy beat by 4 yards at the sticks but he probably would have had to take a hit to make the throw and instead he runs away.


49ers lose the #1 overall.  Anyone but the Seahawks and I would be pissed...............
Eh, form what I hear, Bosa comes with some injury concerns...I'd rather the front office not have the option to screw the pooch with the #1 overall pick.


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