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Seahawks vs Raiders - Week 6 (1 Viewer)

Thanks for kicking this off, Insein. Good man.

American national anthem has more meaningful lyrics, but can’t deny the Brits’ anthem for brevity.

Go Raiders.

Cooper and Baldwin - this is your last chance to be startable for my team.

Thanks to byes and injuries I'm depending very heavily on the Seahawks having a very good offensive performance. 


Carson 1 yard gain on 1st.

Flag on D against the Te on a cross in EZ putting the ball bear the goal line for 1st down.

False start on Hawks back them up 5 yards.

Mostly running for the Hawks with using Lockett and Baldwin as misdirecting motion players to open up soft spots in seams and zones for othe receivers.

Should have sat Baldwin, dammit.

Raiders start at the 25 after a touchback.

Lynch on first down pushing LOS forward for a couple yard gain.

Lynch with another minimal gain on 2nd down.

Bad play call running Lynch again stuffed behind the line. Punt.

I am glad the NFL started this London game at the standard time rather than 2 hours early.  Now they just got to get rid of Thursday night football.

I long for the old days when you could wake up from a hangover Sunday Morning and still have time to submit your lineup.

Oh man. Can’t watch the game today until maybe 2nd half. Have a few friends who made the trip to London.

Great first drive by Hawks, little sloppy at the end. 

Go Hawks.

1st and 20 with a short swing pass for minimal gain.

2nd and 25 - Davis with a tough outside run for a few.

3rd and 18 - pass batted at line and deflected by Hurst.

All this long distance and it’s all RBs and short passes.

Run game looks stout. 
Don’t blame the Hawls for loading their playcalls with runs, both backs still running hard.

Writing off Baldwin - knew he was a risky start. It just looks like a stupid start now seeing the Hawks gameplan of using the run to set up the run looks pretty cemented now.

Until other teams start playing to stop the run, why should Seattle abandon what's working well? Once other teams start stacking the box, Wilson will pick them apart and feed Baldwin.

Nice check down to Lynch for a pass over the middle and a first down.

Play action with a nice deep atrike to Cooper - negated by holding. DAMMIT FELICIANO!

Baldwin with a whopping 2 catches for 8 yards. Raiders are just such a train wreck I don't think Seattle is going to bother passing in the second half. 

I am watching this game now without joy, can’t even update for those who use the thread ‘cause they can’t watch the game.

It’s a wasteland for both NFL and fantasy purposes, and sucking the life out of my squad this week.


This Raiders squad is so, so, so very terrible. 

10 years and 100 million for this crap? 


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