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Search function sucks, where is the thread with recommendations for laptop backpacks? TIA. (1 Viewer)


I’m starting to travel a bit more for work, and looking to move from my current shoulder bag to a backpack, that can fit laptop, tablet, some relevant files, book, chargers, and whatever other oddities that I may throw in there, and looks professional.  I will probably use it as my daily work bag.

I was looking at the Timbuk2 The Authority bag. Any thoughts on that, or any other suggestions?  It seems a bit pricier than some other options, but the reviews are pretty solid on it, and it seems to have a bit more of a professional look for work.


Can't speak to the Timbuk2 bag, but I've been using this eBags laptop backpack for work for the past few years and love it.  It's looks pretty similar to the Timbuktu bag  you linked and it's on sale for $50 off right now.


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I posted a question looking for something like that in the "products you believe in" thread a month or so ago.  ETA: I was the OP there in what jon posted.

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I really like my Timbuk2 - I think I have a Division, or something very similar. The most I've ever spent on such a thing, but it has stood the test of the last year and a half with minimal signs of wear/tear. Super tough and looks nice.


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jon_mx said:
Search function still works great once you know the secret.  Just PM Shuke and you will get your results. 
shuke's inbox has been full since 2004, no go there bud.


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