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Seattle TV Market Blackouts (1 Viewer)

Can someone please explain to me why we keep getting blackouts here in Seattle for games that are on at the same time as the Seahawks? Last week we missed the Broncos v Chargers game and this week its the Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia game on at the same time. I can't think of a reason why these would be blacked out when they aren't even Settle games?


I think the NFL has rules against coverage that conflicts with a home teams local broadcast. In the Bay Area, Niner games (home or away) run by themselves. Get the Sunday Ticket. Problem solved.
It's part of the broadcast contracts between the networks and the NFL, I believe. If a home game is being televised in the local market, no other game played in the same time slot can be televised. If the game doesn't sell out and isn't televised in the local market, then they can show a different game.


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