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Sell James Robinson? (1 Viewer)


12-team 20-player Dynasty PPR QRRWWFKD

I have Etienne and Robinson. I know this is a good situation to have the pair, but I never normally worry much about handcuffs in dynasty. Wondering if I should sell high (you know, 2 TD's and 2/3 of the touches between the two of them).

Situationally, I am win-now, but I'm always trying to build a better and better team. So I really want to try to get a top pick in 2023. Sanity check: should I trade Robinson for the 2023 first round pick from the "by far lowest projected" (but who knows?) team for this season? Or am I even lowballing? It's honestly hard to tell when perceptions start changing dramatically. Robinson has only been in the RB40's dynasty-wise. But right now people are starting to wonder if he is fully back and going to be fully involved.

I do have Swift, Mixon, Aaron Jones, along with Etienne, so I feel like I can likely get by fine without Robinson. But he's not old at all and could have more huge years ahead of him, maybe even with a different team.


I would sell Robinson easily for a low to mid 2023 1st round pick. I probably sell for a late 1st round pick.
Thanks, Gally. Like I said, just needed a sanity check. Seemed like it would be well worth it, but I always start doubting myself and thinking "what if".

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