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Selvin Young - Doubtful - Late Game (1 Viewer)

If he comes back this week (which is expected), anyone brave enough to venture a guess how things shake out in Denver's backfield going forward? I think Hillis has shown enough toughness and burst to remain the starter, but they might prefer him playing FB.

I read something that Denver worked out a FB this week, maybe signed him ? I thought it interesting and potentially good news for Hillis. Let me see if I can find that link.

Rocky Mountain News

* The Broncos will bring in veteran fullback Andrew Pinnock for a physical today, and he's expected to sign if his surgically repaired knee checks out. Pinnock underwent microfracture surgery in February.

In any case in answer to your question, a healthy Selvin is an upgrade over Bell, and would end up with more touches. Hillis should still get the Majority of touches and goal line work.

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