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SENECA WALLACE: a question to commissioners re: WR eligibility (1 Viewer)

Frank Black

To all FF commisioners who are reading this, do you have the scoop on whether Wallace will be given WR eligibility by your league software? Also, I am curious about which leagues allow the Commish to manually change him to a WR or QB/WR.

I manually changed in all my leagues.
Which leagues do you Commish in?
I did too. You can switch positions of players under ForCommisioners>Setup>ChangePlayerPosition. Big thanks to the guy that helped me with this last week in a different Seneca Wallace thread.I'm starting Wallace at one of my WR positions this week. Not because I'm convinced he'll do so well, but because I think it will be just super-cool if he does well. I've seen him make two catches in his career. One was deep over the middle and he did a fantastic job of extending his arms in traffic to make a tough catch and took a big hit from the safety. Jaw-dropping stuff. Can't wait to see what he'll do today. In my opinion he's a freaky good athlete with incredible body control. I think he'd have been one of the best if he played WR full time from the start.

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