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Serious Biz Dynasty Year 17 - Plenty of talent on the come (2 Viewers)

Projected standings from Fantrax (These are just based on current active lineups)
1. HellToupee 83
2. (tie) Sparty 82
2. (tie) Dr. Detroit 82
4. Rodg 80
5. NV 78
6. Eephus 75
7. Pik/Goat 72
8. Kraft 70
9. ZP 66
10. RnR 45.5
11. Relentless 36
12. Cheese 10.5 (current lineup is illegal)

I doubt the actual standings will be that close but it would be a lot of fun. Should be tighter at the top than the last couple years at least.
I REALLY wish we could add 3-5 IR spots next year. It's all luck deciding which hurt guys to drop and what not. Most importantly, it's annoying and kills our motivation.
We currently have eight injured guys, on top of the ones we recently dropped, as we start this glorious season. Good luck everyone.

Please don't get hurt today anyone!!!
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I jinxed Devers apparently. He's hurt now too. These "athletes" are soft. Glass Joe would have given them a beating if they were in punch out.
Unfortunately with all these injuries we have, we are probably gonna drop a top fifty prospect or solid hurt guy. Hit me up if you want to trade us a good RP or vet hitter for like Kyle Teel or something.
No one injured on my team, but I guess we're just built different.
I feel ya. It's almost impossible to field a competent team and carry minors guys in this league. We may end up going back to full rebuild mode. It's like the NBA here when you are caught in the middle.

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