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Serious Dynasty League looking for 2 - Going into 6th year (1 Viewer)


I’m recruiting for two open spots in our dynasty league. Starting year 6. This is an intense year-long league with many elements. If you’re interested shoot me an email at thegloriousones2017@gmail.com. Prior dynasty league experience strongly preferred.

Some of the elements of our league:

-$300 annual dues. 12 teams. Super Payout every 4 years and we're in Year 2 of the cycle.

-Super pool payout every 4th year

-1QB, .5 PPR, TE PPR at 1 point, IDP (DL, DE, LB, CB and S). And yes we have kickers.


-Franchise and Transition Tags

-Salary Cap and Contracts

-3 round rookie drafts

-Ebay auction style Free Agency (Blind Bidding)

-Site is on My Fantasy League

-Funds kept on LeagueSafe


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