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Serious Help! Wilson or Cousins? (1 Viewer)


First week of playoffs and I find my self down. Opponent had Kittle, J.Jones, and M. Thomas. Rest of his team didn’t do anything and yet I find myself down 31 points. He has Carson on Monday night. I have Greg Z currently going and Thielen and Cousins or Wilson tomorrow night. Chances are slim I win, so I need my QB hit it big for me to have a chance. Who do I start? Wilson or Cousins?  Probably looking to score 20+ points from my qb. I’m leaning towards Cousins because he’ll throw more then Wilson. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

Down big you need to go with the stack to gobble up points quickly.  If it's a close game and you need a solid floor split the stack so you have the chance of both having solid days and keeping your floor high.  If you go stack and Cousins bombs then it likely has a big affect on Thielen and you get double the frustration. 

I think making up 25 isn't that tough, as long as a QB scoring 20 pts is typical.  I would go Wilson.  Sure he won't throw it as much, but he should get you what you need.  Wilson has thrown 2 or more TD passes in every week but one, plus he can get you points rushing.  If you were down 35 or more, than I would suggest the stack.

SEA is one tough place to play if you're a QB.


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