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Shaq Leonard (artist formerly known as Darius) (1 Viewer)


It looks like Shaquille Leonard is starting today based off reports and his IG post. How many are starting him over legit replacements? They say if he plays he plays full board, but I wonder if he'll be on a snap count. Thoughts?
I have him and given he has been practicing without restrictions this week, he goes. Maybe he gets a bit limited but that production he can generate is just too tempting to sit him.

I'm starting him over Divine and Queen.
I have him and Zaire, I'm sitting Zaire. I was hoping John Norton would update his projection about Zaire but I have to go with Leonard.
Reloaded Dominator. John Norton HAS updated Leonard. Not as a monster but respectable starter
Yeah I unfortunately rolled with him too over Bolton. Hopefully head injury is nothing serious

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