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Share some insight on the team you're most excited about this season (1 Viewer)

Stuart Ullman

The Oakland Raiders -

Jon Gruden is a football genius. He took 10 years off from the game and gets to come back to a team that will eventually be the Las Vegas Raiders. I don't know the team that well but I know that David Carr can go. Marshawn Lynch averaged 4.3 YPC last season and that's good enough to get the job done.

I find myself actively rooting for the Raiders more than my favorite team. I think at worst you give them an 8-8 record. I can see them punking out Phillip Rivers, rookie Patrick Mahomes, and Case Keenum enough times to win the division.

What say you? What team are you interested in as a non-fan?

I'm most interested in the Tennessee Titans. I'm very excited to see the spread offense, especially with Mariota and Davis successful with it in college. I absolutely love the addition of Dion Lewis. Mariota, in my opinion, is going to have a top 10 year. I think they are serious contenders and going to be fun to watch 

Ever since my trip to watch the Titans destroy my Packers in 2016 I've found it hard to root against the titans. Their fan base is genuinely respectful and a joy to talk to and tailgate with (even if we had to show them the WI way to actually tailgate). 

Titan Up!

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Cleveland and Chicago. It won't shock me if the Brown's surprise and win 8 or more.  They drafted one of the best QB I've seen in years and the offense has the pieces to put up points.

I'm very interested in seeing Mitch @QB this season with the weapons like Cohen and Robinson. Mitch will emerge this season as one of the best young QB in the game if he progresses like I think he will.

The Chargers have the talent to have both a top 5 offense and top 5 defense, even without TE Henry and CB Verrett. (Different story if the significant injuries continue.)

They should win the AFC West and are a contender to reach the Super Bowl. Kind of unusual to go from not making the playoffs 5 seasons in a row to serious contender, but that is the situation.



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