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*** SHARK POOL SURVIVOR : WEEK 5 *** (1 Viewer)

I'm just so sad that there isn't a black dot by this thread for me anymore. Well, there is this week now, but it's not official. :(

My anti-Chicago Strategy has worked so far so lets go one more timeWaverunner------SF---Min---TB---GB---OakOAKLAND The RAAAIIIDERS

Week 1 - SFWeek 2 - SeaWeek 3 - IndyWeek 4 - StLWeek 5 - PittsburghOnce again, I'd like to thank you for inviting me to the party...I've had a wonderful time up until now...Best regards,The Imp :)

OK my turn to go out on a limb, I'm thinking the Fins will get stomped by the Giants!

BigChuck------Atl---Oak---KC---GB---NY Giants week 5


Quien es mas macho....Bill Parcells or Emmitt Smith?

Week 5 Dallas

Week 4 Carolina

Week 3 Indianapolis

Week 2 Oakland

Week 1 San Francisco


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