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Sharps vs. Squares NFL Football Pool (1 Viewer)


I run a football pool on CBS where you pick each game against the spread every week with confidence ratings. If you get your 16 point game correct then you get 16 points, etc. We are in our 10th year and have anywhere from 30-35 people in the pool. It is $90 for the whole year/17 weeks (comes out to $5/week). Year end and weekly prizes. Would love to grow the pool even more. Here is the link to the pool and thanks for looking either way.


Here was the payout structure last year. It changes year to year based on the amount of players we have each year.

Weekly prizes:

1st - $25
2nd- $15
3rd - $10

Year end prizes:

1st - $550
2nd - $400
3rd - $300
4th - $225
5th - $175
6th - $85


Bump! Last chance to get in! All league dues must be in before kickoff of the first game on Thursday. Are you a Sharp or a Square? Join and find out!

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